Lemon-Basil Mojito

Ingredients: Zest the lemons. Squeeze the lemons. Add agave and zest. Now you have two options: muddle some leaves in a glass, as one would for a traditional mojito. Or you add them to the blender and blend with the juice, zest and agave. In any way, you want to filter the lemonade mixture, with or without basil leaves, through a fine cheesecoth or strainer. With the basil it'll be a pale green when you add water, otherwise it'll just be ordinary lemonade you can add basil to in the glass. Use the lemonade asap. It should keep for a while, just make sure it looks and smells good before using it.

Using 50 grams of basil will give it a herby but subtle taste. I prefer 100 grams, which will make it taste like full-on basil. I suppose some people might find it overpowering, but I prefer it.

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